The reason I’ve been absent for a few weeks….

is that we’ve been putting the finishing touches on the book!! It’s out now–with 200 of my favorite hints–

Here’s a hint–read through–and if you have a question–just ask, Auntie wants to know!


Unintentional blooper

So Auntie is recording a little hint for y’all about taking things a little less seriously, and tada!!! A blooper tape is born. Since it’s all about requesting that others “lighten up,” Auntie has decided to post the video “as is.” And please do, lighten up. And speaking of that, here’s a hint, number 259 to be exact:

 Have a joke or story that may have been considered humorous a dozen years ago and now, during our current politically correct revolution, is thought of as small-minded or not for public airing? Although Auntie abhors all things that even touch upon narrow-minded bigotry, it is important to remember that without laughing at ourselves, life would be ever so tedious. So lighten up my darlings. Laugh more—you just may live a few years longer.

Independence Month

Independence Day is one of Auntie’s favorite holidays–so many things to celebrate and be thankful for–especially living with all the freedoms we have here in the US of A! I say we celebrate all month. Yes, we did celebrate-and here’s a hint with a special holiday thank you:

Worried about singeing off your eyelashes with some not-so-safe-and-sane fireworks? Remember: all types of sparklers are de rigueur for any type of celebration, especially when we are talking about our independence, liberty, and freedom. Auntie does love it when the sky crackles with July 4th festivities, especially when her beau presents her with a bright, new, celebratory sparkler.

Here are some of the exciting fireworks we saw this 4th of July

Wish there were fun fireworks every week!

Wish there were fun fireworks every week!

Music! Fireworks! Fun!

Music! Fireworks! Fun!

Ingredients for success

Homemade Grapefruit Granita–the perfect antidote to high summer temperatures–has Auntie thinking about the ingredients for success–and not just when cooking. With that in mind, here’s a Helpful Hint (recipe and pics too):

 Auntie is of two minds when it comes to the sharing of a treasured recipe. Sharing your secret formula means you will always have a backup copy, should you lose your original recipe. However, should you not feel right about others being privy to what your kitchen magic involves, simply omit one ingredient, or change the amount of another—Auntie knows this formula omission happens all the time—not just in the kitchen, but also in the boardroom and when political deals are hammered out.

Fresh grapefruit and a juicer--just wait--yum!

Fresh grapefruit and a juicer–just wait–yum!



Auntie's Grapefruit Granita--it does exist.

Auntie’s Grapefruit Granita–it does exist.

Never fear, Auntie is here!

Auntie is all about following your heart, being true to yourself, and having the best time you possibly can while accomplishing all of this. With that in mind, remember, this does not mean walking all over your acquaintances, ignoring your family, or running roughshod over anyone in your path.  That, my darlings, is your agent’s job.

Who are you?

It’s come to Auntie’s attention that those who are looking for themselves or their raison d’etre may just need a bit of a confidence boost. With that in mind, here’s Helpful Hint #292

So many dear souls are concerned about rebranding themselves, their business, or their politics. Darlings, all of this is really unnecessary if you have a clear idea of who you already happen to be. Never ever not let your competition define your talent or dilute the wonderfulness that is already you.

You are your Fairy Godmother

It’s magic–and it works–Here’s Auntie Jodi’s Helpful Hint #276:

On days when things may not be going as you originally planned, pull out your magic wand or orb and scepter, and decree future events to immediately change course. You will soon be astonished at the results you achieve—Auntie knows that changing your mindset, with or without your magic wand, actually does the trick. Naturally, Auntie’s wand lights up and has multi-colored sparkles. Granting your own wishes is actually easier than you might think.

Use your magical powers for good!

Use your magical powers for good!