Operating equipment

Believe it or not, Auntie is usually a pretty good equipment operator–think it comes from years of running a radio board. But audio equipment expertise has nothing to do with video equipment expertise, as evidenced by this short video.

Take two as Auntie learns how to take some of her own advice in the latest unintentional installment of video bloopers (and if the link doesn’t work, try Jodi Adler on facebook–operator error, I suppose):



Auntie does bloopers

Darlings, I  am so sorry for the delay in getting back to this blog–Auntie has been overwhelmed with everything…it happens, darlings…but now, we’re back…with bloopers and even more advice… like Helpful Hint #221:

Some people are off-beat; others are simply insane. It can be loads of fun to be around either group—the trick is to escape from the relationship before the insane begin to take themselves at their own word.

Now for that first blooper–let’s hope the link works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxDKj3SEh0g&feature=youtu.be

We really do love children, but…

wild child

Out-of-control wild child being ignored by texting/talking/overly indulgent parents in public? When the sweet little dervish comes begging for your attention, ply him with sugar, caffeine or alcohol before sending him/her back to Mummy. It may take a village, but we’re not even the same tribe.

Easier said

Easier Said

Auntie took some of her own advice this week…

In a communication impasse/failure with a friend/lover/potential enemy? Avoid permanent estrangement, and before firing off that curt and sassy email/text/instant message, start communicating by simply using your voice in real time. Polite, honest, face-to-face interaction might be quaint and old school, but it is a time-tested means of permanent détente at home and abroad.

Looking young forever

Just the hint this week–no need for any sort of explanation:

Afraid of looking old in your lover’s eyes? Until Auntie gets over her fear of cosmetic surgery, she has easily solved this worry—she simply limits her dates/fiancé/ husbands to men who wear glasses. Think of Clark Kent and Superman. Sexy and strong. More to the point, nearly everyone looks better in an unfocused fog.

Find success when you fail to resolve.

Nearly one week has passed since we said Happy 2014–but what has happened to those resolutions?  Auntie has a solution!

Here’s Helpful Hint #247:


Happy New Year, my darlings!

Auntie recommends that all of her dear friends refrain from making any New Year resolutions. Make a resolution not to do any such thing. Instead, why not take great joy in completing the simplest of tasks that you smashingly perform every day? Give yourself a gold star for hitting the snooze button—a smiley face for wearing matching shoes—and a new piece of jewelry (or a ticket to the Super Bowl) for expertly popping the cork from a champagne bottle.

Dull party? Never fear! Auntie is here.

Dull party? Never fear! Auntie is here.

Happy Happy and Merry Merry–Now, from Auntie’s original dozen Helpful Hints…here’s a sure-fire way to enjoy every soiree: Tell the small-talk challenged guests you’re psychic, and watch what happens! Give free holiday readings to all party-goers. No, you don’t have to really be psychic. You can usually say something like, ” You’ve been somewhat frustrated by your work and feel that if given the chance, you could bring quite a bit more creativity into the mix.” Or you could knowingly nod and say, “people don’t always know how thoughtful you really are, do they?”